Outdoor Group Training in Wollongong

The Alex Fox Mentality crew train outdoors Monday to Saturday with a variety of morning and afternoon sessions at Stuart Park, North Wollongong (see locations).  Every day is different and focusses on a different body part or discipline and no two work-outs are ever the same.  With our professional mobile equipment and a large green space to enjoy right next to the beach, our Outdoor Group Training provides increased all-round fitness and  a supportive network of great people to train and have fun with.  Even as part of a group, each client will be treated as an individual and our trainer will make sure that all abilities and ages are catered for within each session.

Strength & Tone

Kick off the week with a great muscle building and toning class, which concentrates on developing strength and sculpting the body.  Using a mixture of weights, TRX, sleds and your own body weight in reps and sets, these sessions aim to create a strong, powerful upper and lower body to take your physique and fitness to the next level.

Running Club

For all those who love a good cardio workout, our running class offers a whole range of speed and intensity, full of sprinting, team games and endurance testing.  If you love to run, or want to add increase your over all fitness – this ones for you.  Set your own pace and enjoy watching yourself improve week by week.

Boxing & Core

Get an excellent work out to boost your gains and learn the correct boxing skills and techniques to get the most out of every session.  Boxing is a great way to strip body fat and teamed with core work, this great combination gets real results through the mid-section especially and all-over toning of the body.  Class benefits  include weight loss, increased agility and coordination, muscle tone and greater power and fitness. Many people think that boxing is all about the arms but it is actually a cardio work-out for the whole body and is perfect for both men and women of all abilities who want to have fun and get fit!


Crosstraining sessions are tougher in their nature and are based on high intensity functional movements (such as sled, kettle bell and bar work, compound lifts etc.) and incorporates intense cardio and resistance training. If you are looking to dramatically improve your over all fitness and muscle tone, our cross training class is not to be missed. 

One-on-one personal training sessions also include unlimited access to all outdoor group training sessions – that’s an extra 5 hours of varied training a week (including our Saturday Pilates & Stretch class!)

Sign up for our monthly unlimited membership and come as many times a week as you like.  Whether are looking to build muscle or simply decrease stress levels by working out, we welcome everyone of all ages, shape and sizes and will support and guide you during training to get the best out of the session whatever your purpose may be.